Common Calendar

Public universities, community, technical, and state colleges in Texas share elements of their calendars. For fiscal years 2015-2016 through 2024-2025, university and college schedules adhere to the following dates:

Year Fall Semester
First class day on or after
Spring Semester
First class day on or after
Summer Session
First class day on of after
2015-2016 Aug. 24 Jan. 18 June 6
2016-2017 Aug. 22 Jan. 16 June 5
2017-2018 Aug. 28 Jan. 15 June 4
2018-2019 Aug. 27 Jan. 21 June 3
2019-2020 Aug. 26 Jan. 20 June 1
2020-2021 Aug. 24 Jan. 18 June 7
2021-2022 Aug. 23 Jan. 17 June 6
2022-2023 Aug. 22 Jan. 16 June 5
2023-2024 Aug. 28 Jan. 15 June 3
2024-2025 Aug. 26 Jan. 20 June 2

Rules for the Common Calendar are found in Texas Administrative Code, Section 4.5, and include the following guidelines:

  1. A semester normally shall include 15 weeks for instruction and one week for final examinations or a total of 16 weeks instruction and examinations combined. Every fall semester will end before Christmas, but not later than December 23.
  2. Each of the two summer terms shall include no less than 5 1/2 calendar weeks, including registration, instructions, and final examinations.
  3. Each college and university shall establish its own dates for orientation, registration, holidays, final examinations, and the end of each semester and summer term consistent with this calendar.
  4. A public university or community, technical, or state college that begins its fall and spring semesters and its first summer term within 7 days of the date set by the common calendar above is in compliance with the common calendar and does not require a waiver.

Questions concerning the Common Calendar should be directed to James Goeman in the Academic Quality and Workforce Division,