Other Institutional Resources

Resources for All Institutions

Bacterial Meningitis

Requirements for Bacterial Meningitis Vaccinations.

Common Calendar

A common calendar for Texas public universities and community, technical and state colleges.

Educator Preparation Resources

Resources to help improve recruitment, preparation and retention of teachers in Texas.

HB 2504 Public Access to Course Information

Frequently asked questions regarding public access to certain undergraduate course information.

Institutional Inventories of Degree Programs & Degree Program Search

The degree program inventory contains information on degree and certificate programs offered by Texas public institutions of higher education and Private Postsecondary Institutions.

Intellectual Property Policies

Information and guidelines for Texas public higher education institutions to develop and maintain policies on intellectual property.

Proposal Tracking System

Information on the status of current program and administrative requests as well as information on actions taken by the Coordinating Board regarding past requests.

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA)

SARA is an agreement among member states, districts and territories that establishes comparable national standards for interstate offering of postsecondary distance education courses and programs.

Resources for Community and Technical Colleges

Apprenticeship Crosswalks

Crosswalks between U.S. Department of Labor registered apprenticeship training programs and THECB approved CTE courses in eighteen CTE fields.

Community, State and Technical College Liaisons

The Community, State and Technical College Liaisons serve as a single point of contact between each of the colleges and the Coordinating Board.

District Creation

Information about creating a public community college district, annexation to an existing community college district, creation of a branch campus of an existing community college district, and conducting a branch campus maintenance tax election.

Resources for Public Universities and Health-Related Institutions

Academic Common Market

The ACM is a cooperative agreement among 15 Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) states allowing students to pursue out-of-state academic degree programs at the in-state tuition rate.

Mission Statements for Public Universities and Health-Related Institutions

Mission Statements are formal statements of the mission of an institution of a public university or health-related institution.