Primary Care Innovation Grant Program

The 83rd Texas Legislature, Regular Session, created several new programs to support medical and graduate medical education. The Primary Care Innovation Grant Program provides awards, on a competitive basis, to medical schools that administer innovative programs designed to increase the number of primary care physicians in the state. The program was established by the 83rd Texas Legislature and codified in Texas Education Code Chapter 6, Subchapter J. For the 2016-2017 biennium, the Texas Legislature appropriated $2.037 million for the program.

Fiscal Year 2016 - 2018

The 2016 Primary Care Innovation Grant Program provided $2,330,711 in awards from August 2016 to August 31, 2018. Seven programs located across the state, from Galveston to El Paso, from Lubbock to San Antonio received funding in this cycle to encourage and promote careers in primary care in Texas. Four of the recipients are continuation applications, building upon the first two years in the program. The three new recipients are developing curriculum, building peer-mentorships, advocating from local to state levels, and fueling the passion for primary care through dynamic programming and engagement opportunities.

Primary Care Innovation Program Awards for FY 2016 - FY 2018


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Fiscal Year 2015 - 2016

Five two-year grants were awarded in 2015, totaling $1,794,263. Elements of the awarded projects included interdisciplinary programs connecting students with rural clinic work, leadership training, professional development sessions, mentoring programs, summer preceptorships, cohort-based longitudinal programs, and a pipeline program for students from community college to medical school. All awarded projects focus on students' early and sustained exposure to various aspects of primary care.

Primary Care Innovation Program Awards for FY 2015 - FY 2016


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