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Graduate Program Review

At their April 27, 2011 meeting, the Coordinating Board adopted revisions to Section 5.52 of Board rules. This revised section adds new criteria and procedures for the review of existing graduate programs.  The rules create a seven-year cycle during which all master's and doctoral programs must be reviewed.  The link to Section 5.52 is:

Texas Administrative Code - Rule 5.52

In order to comply with the requirements of Rule 5.52, institutions must submit a schedule of graduate program review (GPR) to the Assistant Commissioner of Academic Quality and Workforce. This schedule must list the external review date for every master's and doctoral program (including professional practice programs) on the institution's inventory during the next seven years, Academic Year (AY) 2012 through AY 2018. Upon approval of that schedule, institutions must then submit review materials for each program as listed in the schedule.

Coordinating Board staff have created an online system that records and tracks the graduate review schedule of each institution. This system is also the means through which institutions submit review materials and Board staff provide their feedback to the institution.

In order to access the online scheduling application, users will need to request a CB ID and password. Links to the instructions for requesting a CB ID and password and instructions for using the online scheduling application are provided below. Each institution may have only one user who serves as the main point of contact for all GPR issues, including scheduling and submission of reviews.

Additional information on the implementation of rule 5.52:

  • During any given year of a cycle, an institution may review no more than 20 percent of its graduate programs. New graduate programs must be reviewed no later than the seventh year after the start date of the program.
  • Alterations to the schedule of review are possible, but they must be formally requested. An institution wishing to make changes to its schedule of review should send a formal request to the Division of Academic Quality and Workforce. This request should include a list of the programs, their CIP codes, and review dates being altered, accompanied by a justification for the changes being requested. In no case shall an institution be allowed to move the review dates for its programs beyond the limit of the current seven-year cycle.
  • During the seven-year cycle, each program is reviewed using the criteria listed in Section 5.52. The process must include a programmatic self- study and a review by external consultants with discipline expertise who are employed by institutions of higher education outside of Texas. Doctoral programs shall be reviewed by at least two external consultants and master's programs by at least one.
  • Programs that are accredited by an external body may use the results of their accreditation review to satisfy the review requirements under Rule 5.52. No additional external review is necessary. 
  • No later than 180 days after the conclusion of each review, institutions shall submit electronically a report of the outcomes of each review through the GPR system. This report must include a summary of the programmatic self-study, as well as the full text of the external reviewers' evaluation and the institutional response to the external evaluation. 
  • Board staff will review and analyze each report, followed by an official response to the institution which may include requirements for program improvement.

If you have any questions regarding these procedures, please contact Dr. James Goeman at mailto:James.Goeman@thecb.state.tx.us or at 512-427-6249.

Graduate Program Review Web Scheduling Portal 
Additional Program Review Information


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