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82nd Texas Legislature - THECB Recommendations

The 82nd Texas Legislative Session represents the last opportunity to make meaningful investment and policy decisions designed to establish a strong trajectory towards the goals of Closing the Gaps.  To date, Texas has made significant progress on key goals:

  • 200,000 new students between Fall 2008 and Fall 2010;
  • 50,000 additional degrees and certificates annually over 2000 levels;
  • 85% increase in annual degrees and certificates awarded to Hispanics since 2000; and
  • 54% increase in annual degrees and certificates awarded to African Americans since 2000.

However, challenges persist. Texas must accelerate degree and certificate production if we are to meet our goals, and set a strong foundation for Texas to be educationally and economically competitive beyond 2015.  These challenges are complicated significantly by ongoing fiscal challenges facing the state.  The state, institutions, and most importantly students and their families, lose significant resources when a student enrolls in postsecondary education, but never completes a program.

Texas Higher Education Pipeline Leak
Lost opportunity, lost investment

Pipeline Update 090611

A recent report by the American Institute for Research found that the state of Texas ranked #3 in the nation for total state resources spent on first-year dropouts at our universities and colleges, totaling $470,500,000 over a five-year period.

The THECB's 82nd Legislative Agenda is designed to place a greater focus on student success.  Specifically, the agenda recommends a series of funding and policy initiatives designed to encourage helping more students achieve their postsecondary education goals in a more cost-effective manner.

Outcomes-Based Funding

Legislative Update:

Higher Education Outcomes Based Funding Act (pdf)

Background Information:

THECB Presentation: Outcomes-based Funding (pdf)


Fact Sheet: Outcomes-based Funding (pdf)

  • University Model:

Summary: Outcomes-based Funding -- University Model (pdf)

Policy Paper: Outcomes-based Funding -- University Model (pdf) 

  • Community & Technical College Model:

Summary: Outcomes-based Funding -- Community & Technical College Model (pdf) 

Policy Paper: Momentum Points (pdf) 

Myth Busters:

Myth Buster #1 -- Outcomes-based Funding and Academic Quality (pdf)

Myth Buster #2 -- Outcomes-based Funding and Budget Reductions (pdf)

Myth Buster #3 -- Outcomes-based Funding and Access (pdf)




















TEXAS Grant Priority Model

Legislative Update:

TEXAS Grant College Readiness Reform Act (pdf)

Background Information:

Overview: TEXAS Grant Program (pdf)

Overview: Financial Aid Packaging (pdf)

Overview: Math Course Options at Texas Public High Schools (pdf)


THECB Presentation: TEXAS Grant Priority Model (pdf)

Policy Paper: TEXAS Grant Priority Model (pdf)

Fact Sheet: TEXAS Grant Priority Model (pdf) 


Data: Priority Status by Criteria (FY 09) (pdf)

Data: Predictive Value of Priority Criteria on Graduation (pdf)

Data: 6-year Graduation Rates by Priority Status Combination (pdf) 

Myth Busters:

Myth Buster #1 -- TEXAS Grant Priority Model and Access (pdf)

Myth Buster #2 -- TEXAS Grant Priority Model and Institutional Funding (pdf)

Myth Buster #3 -- TEXAS Grant Priority Model and Non-Priority Students (pdf)






















Cost Efficiencies

Background Information:

Background: Advisory Committee on Higher Education Cost Efficiencies

Report:Higher Education Cost Efficiencies (pdf)

Appendix A: Cost Saving Methodologies and Current State Practices (pdf) 


Fact Sheet: Cost Efficiencies (pdf)









 THECB Legislative Agenda

THECB Recommendations to the 82nd Legislature (10.28.10) (pdf)

THECB Legislative Appropriations







Editorial: Corpus Christi Caller Times (11/14/10) (pdf)

Editorial: Dallas Morning News (11/16/10) (pdf)

Opinion: Woody Hunt, Chair GBC, Texas Tribune (12/1/10) (pdf)

Editorial: Austin American Statesman (1/7/11) (pdf)

Editorial: San Antonio Express New (1/14/11) (pdf)

Editorial: Dallas Morning News (2/18/11) (pdf)















Report: Finishing the First Lap - The Cost of First Year Student Attrition in America's Four Year College and Universities

Report: The Illinois Public Agenda for College and Career Success (12/10) (pdf)  (Illinois recommendation for performance-based funding)

Report: Winning by Degrees: The Strategies of Highly Productive Higher Education Institutions (11/2010) (pdf)


THECB Data: Impact of Non-Completion on Students in Higher Education (pdf)

THECB Data: Impact of Non-Completion on Hispanics in Higher Education (pdf)

THECB Data: Impact of Non-Completion on African Americans in Higher Education (pdf)















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