Work-Study Student Mentorship Program

The purpose of the Work-Study Student Mentorship Program (WSMP) is to provide employment to eligible students with financial need to mentor, tutor, or advise college students at participating institutions of higher education or high school students within local school districts and nonprofit organizations. The primary goal of the program is to improve student access, success, and completion of higher education. These student mentorship positions are funded by a combination of state appropriations provided by the Texas College Work-Study (TCWS) Program and matching funds from participating institutions.

The WSMP is authorized by Chapter 56, Section 56.079 in Subchapter E of the Texas Education Code. Rules establishing procedures to administer the program can be found in Title 19, Chapter 4, Subchapter J of the Texas Administrative Code.

Inquiries regarding WSMP should be directed to Vanessa Malo, Program Specialist, at

Program Resources

WSMP FY 2020 Allocations [PDF]

WSMP FY 2020 Guidelines [PDF]