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ACGM Learning Outcomes Project

The ACGM, which includes the latest courses revised as part of the project and adopted at the November 15, 2013 ACGM Advisory Committee Meeting may be accessed at:
ACGM Lower Division Academic Course Guide Manual

The revised courses and new learning outcomes are included in the Spring 2014 ACGM PDF version and the interactive database. A summary of the changes to the ACGM including the project courses is found on pages 8 through 11 of the PDF version. 

If you have questions about the project or the ACGM please contact Rebecca Leslie (Rebecca.Leslie@thecb.state.tx.us)

The courses revised during 2013 as part of the Learning Outcomes Project came from the following disciplines:  Anthropology, Art, Criminal Justice, Drama/Theater, Geology and Humanities.  The Subcommittee on Fine Tuning of the 2012 Tuning Oversight Council for Mathematics, Business, and Information Systems also contributed revised descriptions and learning outcomes for courses in Accounting, Business Computer Information Systems, Business, Computer Science, and Mathematics.

The Lower-Division Academic Course Guide Manual (ACGM) is the official list of courses approved for general academic transfer that may be offered by public community and technical colleges in Texas for state funding. As part of an effort to improve the ACGM and statewide course transfer, Board staff are engaged in a project to develop student learning outcomes for some of the most frequently taught courses across the state.  For each round of this project, a specific series of steps are taken.

After identifying a set of frequently taught ACGM courses, Board staff begin the process of recruiting faculty from the appropriate discipline areas from public two-year and four-year institutions.  Work groups are formed for each discipline, composed of equal numbers of faculty from the two types of institutions, and are guided by a designated Board staff member.  The faculty work groups review a large sample of course syllabi from public institutions, identify the common elements, and create updated course descriptions and sets of student learning outcomes for each course under consideration.

These descriptions and outcomes are publicly posted for comments.  Board staff collect and organize the comments, taking particular note of those that recommend substantive changes to the materials.  The comments are then brought back to the faculty work groups, who discuss and decide by majority vote which comments to incorporate into the descriptions and outcomes.  The final draft materials are then considered by the ACGM Advisory Committee, which makes the final recommendations concerning the adoption of the materials into the ACGM for the next published edition.

Adopted New Course Descriptions and Learning Outcomes for Spring 2014 ACGM

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