Criminal Justice Field of Study Advisory Committee

The Criminal Justice Field of Study Advisory Committee (Criminal Justice FOSAC) identifies the block of courses which may be transferred to a general academic teaching institution and must be substituted for that institution's lower-division requirements for the Criminal Justice degree program into which the student transfers.

Current Status: The Criminal Justice FOSAC is a statutory committee that was established in 2017, and its purpose is outlined in the Texas Administrative Code.

Meeting Schedule: The committee meets as needed. Agendas are posted in the Texas Register a minimum of seven days before a meeting.

Membership: There are 24 Criminal Justice FOSAC Members who serve terms up to six years. Members are nominated by their institutions and are chosen to evenly represent public, degree-granting institutions of varying sizes, regions, and missions. The committee is composed of faculty and administrators from institutions across the state, half from universities that offer one or more baccalaureate degree programs in Criminal Justice, and half from community and technical colleges that offer courses leading to an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice.

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