Two-Year Career Schools and Colleges Accountability Webinar

When: 10/10/2018 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Where: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board - Webinar

Webinar Event

To participate in the webinar, you may join the event (recommended 10 minutes prior) by using the following link:

Join the Two-Year Career Schools Accountability Webinar

or using the URL:

or by going to and selecting the meeting:

Two-Year Career Schools Accountability Webinar

To join the audio conference call (preferred method of audio for the webinar) call:

US TOLL: +1-415-655-0003 and use Access code: 668 332 598.

Agenda and Materials

60x30TX Texas Higher Education Strategic Plan: 2015-2030

Attachment I: Accountability Quick Start Guide

Attachment II: Accountability Institutional Portal Guide