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2016 Star Awards Submission Information

Star Award Logo updated 

Note: Submission is a two-step process.


Star Award Nomination Forms
Programs, projects, & activities at Texas institutions of higher education
Groups and organizations in Texas

Note: The completed Nomination (including Cover Sheet and Summary Description) must be received at the Coordinating Board offices no later than 5:00 p.m. on June 13, 2016.

Actions for Star Award Nominators (including Self-Nominators)
1. Complete the Nomination Cover Sheet for the appropriate category of Star
    Award (i.e., Programs, Projects, and Activities; Groups and Organizations; or 
    Partnerships). This cover sheet is a form completed by the nominator that
    includes the nominee’s contact information.
2. Complete the Nomination Summary Description. The summary description is a
    brief overview of the nominated program, group, or partnership that includes  
    general information regarding how the nominee is making an outstanding
    contribution to one or more of the goals of the new long-range higher education
    plan, 60x30TX:
a.    Increasing the postsecondary educational attainment level of the state’s 25-
         to 34-year-old population (i.e., contribution(s) to the Overarching
         Educational Attainment Goal
b.    Increasing the number of students completing a certificate, associate,
         bachelor’s, or master’s from an institution of higher education in Texas (i.e.,
         contribution(s) to the Completion Goal);
c.     Increasing the number of programs with identified marketable skills at Texas
         public institutions of higher education (i.e., contribution(s) to the Marketable
         Skills Goal
); or
d.     Implementing programs or cost efficiencies that help to ensure that
         undergraduate student loan debt will not exceed 60 percent of first-year
         wages for graduates of Texas public institutions (i.e., contribution(s) to the
         Student Debt Goal).
3.  Save your Nomination Cover Sheet and Nomination Summary Description as a
     combined PDF file.
4.  Email the PDF file to StarAward@thecb.state.tx.us. THECB staff will confirm
     via email to the nominator the receipt of each nomination. (Note: Nominations
     are not accepted by regular mail.)


Star Award Application Forms
The applicable Star Award Application form, including instructions, will be sent via email by THECB staff to each nominee, after the nomination has been received. 

Note: The completed Application (including Application Cover Sheet signed by the president/chancellor or CEO as applicable, Full Description, and Letter of Recommendation) must be received at the Coordinating Board offices no later than 5:00 p.m. on July 18, 2016. 

Actions for Star Award Nominees:
1.  Secure from your email account the applicable Star Award Application form,
     including instructions, sent to your email account by THECB staff.
2.    Complete the Application Cover Sheet (limited to 1 single-sided page). This is a
     form completed by the nominated applicant that includes the applicant’s
     contact information. Please note that the appropriate president or chancellor
     for higher education institutions, or the CEO of other entities, must sign the
     Application Cover Sheet giving authorization for the application to be
     considered by the Coordinating Board.
3.  Complete the Application Full Description (limited to 10 single-sided pages).
     This is detailed information about the program, group, or partnership that
     includes the following information:
     a.  Summary of what the program, group, or partnership is intended to
     b.  The date the program, group, or partnership began operations;
     c.  The goal(s) of 60x30TX to which the program, group, or partnership is
          contributing (i.e.,
Overarching Educational Attainment Goal, Completion
          Goal, Marketable Skills Goal, or Student Debt Goal
     d.  Sufficient data to ensure that progress is clearly demonstrated and is
          attributable to the program, group, or partnership; and
     e.  Demonstration of an efficient cost/benefit ratio per student.
4.  Obtain at least one Letter of Recommendation for the nominated program
     (limited to 2 single-sided pages per Letter of Recommendation). Generally, the
     letters of recommendation that have been included with Star Award
     applications have been from business leaders; community leaders; higher
     education chancellors/presidents, provosts, and chief instructional officers;
     individuals who have benefited from the program; parents whose children have
     benefited from the program; etc.
     (Note: The full application is limited to a total of 13 pages, including the
     Application Cover Sheet (up to 1 page), Full Description (up to 10 pages), and
     Letter of Recommendation (up to 2 pages per letter). If your application will
     exceed 13 pages when including more than one Letter of Recommendation,
     please consider simply listing on one page the additional persons and their
     affiliated institutions/organizations from whom you have received additional
     Letters of Recommendation.)
5.  Save your Application Cover Sheet, Full Description, and Letter of
     Recommendation as a combined PDF file.
6.  Email the PDF file to StarAward@thecb.state.tx.us. THECB staff will confirm
     via email to the applicant the receipt of each application.
     (Note: Applications are not accepted by regular mail.)

THECB Contacts for Questions: 

Mary E. Smith, Ph.D.
Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Academic Planning and Policy
(512) 427-6213 

Mary Mitchell,
Administrative Assistant for Academic Planning and Policy
512) 427-6566 

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