Nominations & Applications for the Texas Higher Education Star Award

Each year, nominations and subsequent applications for the Star Award are accepted by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) from eligible institutions across Texas. After an initial review by a THECB Internal Review Panel, a select group of applicants are named finalists. An External Review Panel (consisting of three board members of the Coordinating Board, three Texas business and community leaders, and three out-of-state higher education experts) reviews the applications of all finalists and determines which of the finalists will be honored with the Star Award on the basis of criteria established for that year.

Star Award Guidelines

Important Dates for the Star Award

Star Award Nomination and Application Submission Information 

STEP 1: SUBMIT THE NOMINATION (self-nominations welcome)

  1. Submit the Nomination Form for the appropriate category of Star Award. 
  2. Email the file to THECB staff will confirm via email to the nominator the receipt of each nomination. Nominations are not accepted by regular mail.

Star Award Nomination Forms

Note: The completed Nomination (including Cover Sheet and Summary Description) must be received at the THECB offices no later than 5:00 p.m. on June 10, 2019.


The applicable Star Award Application form, including instructions, will be sent via email by THECB staff to each nominee, after the nomination has been received.

  1. Complete the Application Cover Sheet. Please note that the appropriate president or chancellor for higher education institutions, or the CEO of other entities, must sign the Application Cover Sheet giving authorization for the application to be considered by the Coordinating Board. 
  2. Complete the Application Full Description (limited to 10 single-sided pages). 
  3. Obtain at least one Letter of Recommendation for the nominated program (limited to 2 single-sided pages per Letter of Recommendation).
  4. Email the file to THECB staff will confirm via email to the applicant the receipt of each application. Applications are not accepted by regular mail.

Note: The full application is limited to a total of 13 pages, including the Application Cover Sheet, Full Description, and Letter(s) of Recommendation. 

Inquiries should be direct to or