Institutional Authorization to Operate in Texas


Approval Processes for degree-granting colleges and universities other than Texas public institutions. 

Private postsecondary institutions operating in Texas

A searchable list by institution name, physical address, website, type of oversight, THECB-recognized accreditor, public accreditor sanctions, US Department of Education notes, and teach-out or limitation status.

For a list of degree programs offered at each institution, please reference the Resources page.

Certificate of Authorization
Authorization of accredited degree-granting private postsecondary institutions or out-of-state public postsecondary institutions to offer degrees and courses leading to degrees at a Texas location.

Submit Certificate of Authorization application and supporting documentation via Certificate of Authorization Institution Portal (CAIP). Instructions for using the online portal can be found here: CAIP Submission Instructions. Inquiries regarding the CAIP Portal should be directed to Cristine Ayala at

Certificate of Authority
Guidelines and timeline for application process for institutions seeking accreditation.

Registration of Agents
Application for a certificate of registration of an agent of a postsecondary educational institution that does not have a Certificate of Authorization or a Certificate of Authority.


Inquiries regarding Institutional Authorization should be directed to Cathie Maeyaert, Special Projects Director, Academic Quality and Workforce Division at