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Undergraduate Education Advisory Committee (UEAC)
The Undergraduate Education Advisory Committee (UEAC) serves as a forum for problem solving and the generation of good ideas to improve undergraduate education that reflect the goals of Texas’ higher education plan, 60x30TX.

Charge: The UEAC provides advice and recommendations to the Board regarding undergraduate education in Texas. UEAC will:

  • design and conduct studies as requested by the Coordinating Board or the Commissioner, and prepare recommendations for actions;
  • make recommendations to the Coordinating Board for future directions the Coordinating Board and institutions should take to enhance undergraduate education in Texas;
  • develop and oversee processes for the review of existing undergraduate instructional programs; and
  • respond to and make recommendations to the Coordinating Board on legislative policy changes regarding undergraduate education in Texas.

Membership: The UEAC roster includes representatives from public community and technical colleges, universities, and health related institutions, independent colleges and universities, and one non-voting student member. Voting members serve three-year, staggered terms with the possibility of reappointment.


 Meeting Agenda and Summaries:
  Academic Year  

Meeting Date

   Major Agenda Items


April 20, 2018

September 15, 2017  







April 21, 2017

September 23, 2016   





Core Curriculum, Low Producing Programs, Third Party Instructional Providers 

Core Curriculum, Pathways Project


April 22, 2016  

September 18, 2015  




Core Curriculum, LEAP Texas

Core Curriculum, 60x30TX  


April 10, 2015

September 26, 2014  





Legislative Initiatives, Reverse Transfer, 60x30TX

Reverse Transfer  

Agenda are posted in the Texas Register a minimum of 7 days before the next meeting.

 UEAC Work:

March 2014:  Compelling Reasons for Exceeding the 60 SCH Maximum for Two-Year Degrees
October 2013:  Texas Core Curriculum: Track Recommendations
April 2011:  Revising the State Core Curriculum: A Focus on 21st Century Competencies
June 2009:  Standards for Academic Associate Degree Programs
January 2009:  Designing Texas Undergraduate Education in the 21st Century
April 2009:  Existing Undergraduate Program Review

Statute and Rules: The UEAC is a standing, non-statutory committee that was established in 2006 and its charge is in the Texas Administration Code. The UEAC meets between two to four times a year.

For further information, contact:
Melinda Valdez-Ellis, EdD  
Program Director  
Workforce, Academic Affairs & Research  
(512) 427-6115
      Reinold Cornelius, PhD  
Assistant Director  
Workforce, Academic Affairs & Research  
(512) 427-6156<  

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