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Marketable Skills Conference Meeting Materials

New materials are added as we receive them from our presenters

Registration Roster
Registration Roster

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Biographies of Plenary Speakers & Panelists
Biographical Sketches of Breakout Session Leaders *UPDATED*

Day 1
08:00   Welcome from the Commissioner of Higher Education
08:15   Orientation on 60x30TX 
PowerPoint  Handout
08:45   Keynote Address: Building Data on Marketable Skills  PowerPoint
10:15   Breakout Sessions
             1. Connect, Collect, Showcase: Building an Institutional approach to Marketable  
Skills  PowerPoint
            2. Higher Education and Employability: New Curricular Models and Partnerships for
                 an Innovation Driven Economy
PowerPoint  Handout 1  Handout 2
             3. Leveraging Technology to Advance the Marketable Skills Goal
PowerPoint 1  PowerPoint 2
12:45   Plenary Panel  Handout 
 2:00    Breakout Sessions
             1. A Collaborative Approach to Creating a Marketable  Skills-Based Comprehensive
                 Student Record 
PowerPoint    *NEW* PowerPoint 
             2. A Framework for Promoting and Measuring Marketable Skills Gained Through
                 Co-Curricular Experiences
             3. High Impact Practices: Making Marketable Skills Relevant for Students 
 3:30    Keynote Address: the Role of Institutions in Graduate Employability  

Day 2
08:00   Welcome
08:15   Plenary Panel: How Institutions Can Work with Industry
09:45   Breakout Sessions
             1. Enrollment Managers as Forerunners in Explaining Marketable Skills 
             2. Uncovering Credentials of Value: College measures - Hot Jobs, Hot 
Skills and
                 Return on Investment 
*UPDATED* PowerPoint
             3. OnCourse. Plan Early. Plan Smart. A Statewide Initiative to Advance 
                 Postsecondary and Career Success Across Texas  
*UPDATED* PowerPoint
 12:00   Keynote Address: Why Do Marketable Skills Matter?  
             *NEW* PowerPoint 
 1:30    Breakout Sessions
             1. The Role of Career services in Facilitating Successful Triangular Partnerships
PowerPoint  Handout 1  Handout 2
             2. Linking Curriculum Proposal Development and Marketable Skills: Texas State's
                 Team-Based Approach Investment
             3. Truth or Myth: Over Half of Employers Indicate Difficulty in Finding
                 Qualified Candidates 
*UPDATED* PowerPoint

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