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Academic Planning and Policy Newsletter
Academic Policy and Planning
Academic Quality and Workforce Division
Accelerate TEXAS
Accountability System
ACGM Learning Outcomes Project
Admin Unit Changes
Adult Education Transition
Advise TX
Advisory Committee on Cost Efficiencies
Advisory Committees
AFR - Annual Financial Reports
Agency Info
Annual Compliance Monitoring Plan
Annual Internal Audit Plan and Annual Internal Audit Report
Annual Progress Reports Doc Programs
Applying and Paying for College
Ask the Auditors
Associate of Arts in Teaching
Autism Grant Program
AVATAR (Vertical Alignment)
AVID for Higher Education

Biology Faculty Survey
Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering Faculty Surveys
Board Members
BUD - Operating Budgets
Business Recent Grads UNT

Campus Condition Index
Capital Expenditure Plan
CARAT Reports
Career and Technical Workforce Education
Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education
Certification Advisory Council
Changes to Existing Programs
Characteristics of Texas Public Doctoral Programs
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering Faculty Surveys
Chemistry Faculty Surveys
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering Faculty Survey
Closing the Gaps by 2015
Closing the Gaps Institutional Targets
Closing the Gaps Plan
Closing the Gaps Progress Reports
College for All Texans
College Readiness and Success
Commissioner of Higher Education
Common Calendar
Communications and Policy
Community and Technical College Leadership Council
Community and Technical Colleges
Community College Business-CIS-MIS Student Survey
Community College Mathematics Student Survey
Community, State and Technical College Liaisons
Compact with Texans
Compliance Monitoring Process
Comprehensive College Readiness and Success Models for 60x30TX (CRSM)
Comprehensive Student Success Program
Computer Information Systems & Sciences
Construction Cost Standards
Consumer Protection
Contact Us
Contract Administration
Contracts Exceeding $100,000
Cost and Expenditure Studies
Credits, Transfer Policies, and Resources
CRS General Information
CRS Initiatives

Data and Presentations
Data Resources and Tools
Data Resources Overview
DE Forms & Procedures
Degree-Granting Colleges and Institutions Other Than Texas Public Institutions
Developmental Education/TSI
Discussion Groups
Distance and Off-Campus Education
District Creation

Educational Aide Exemption
Educator Preparation
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering Faculty Survey
Emergency Aid Network (EA Net)
Emergency and Trauma Care Education Partnership Program (ETEP)
Employer Survey MIS MWSU
Employer Survey UNT
Employer Survey Year 2
Employer Surveys
Engineering Employer Survey Year 2
Engineering Summer Program
EPR - Current Status
EPR - General Information
EPR - Specific Information
EPR - Specific Information
Existing Associate Degree and Certificate Programs
Existing Program Performance Review

Facilities Audit
Facilities Inventory
Faculty and Administrators
Faculty and Administrators
Family Medicine Residency Program
Family Medicine Rural Rotation Program
Family Practice Residency Advisory Committee
Field of Study Advisory Committees
Finance and Resource Planning
Financial Reporting
Formula Funding

General Appropriations Overview
General Information
Geography Education Grant
Governing Board Leadership Conference 2017
Graduate Education Advisory Committee
Graduate Medical Education Program
Graduate Medical Expansion Programs
Graduate Program Review
Grant Aid
Grant Programs and Other Trusteed Funds

Higher Ed Impact Statements 82nd Legislature
Higher Ed Impact Statements 83rd Texas Legislature
Higher Education Assistance Fund
Higher Education Laws and Rules App
Higher Education Strategic Planning Committee
History of Closing the Gaps
Hospital-Based Nursing Education Partnership Grant Program
Houston Community College Business Students Survey
Human Resources

ICPS Login
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering faculty survey
Information for Governing Board Members
Innovation and Policy Development
Institutional Mission Statements
Institutional Statements
Institutions Whose Degrees are Illegal to Use in Texas
Intensive College Readiness - Intensive Programs for Adult Education Students (ICR-IPAES)
Intensive Short Course for Governing Board Members Appointed After January 1, 2016
Interactive Data
Internal Audit and Compliance Monitoring
Internal Audit and Compliance Monitoring
Internal Audit and Compliance Monitoring Reports
Internal Audit and Compliance Monitoring Staff
Internal Audit Process

Kickoff of the Mechanical Engineering Transfer Compact

LAR - Legislative Appropriations Requests
Laws and Rules
Laws and Rules
Learning Technology Advisory Committee
License Plate
Lone Star College Business-CIS-MIS Student Survey
Lone Star College Math Student Survey
Lower-Division Academic Course Guide Manual Advisory Committee
Low-Producing Programs

Management Information Systems
Marketable Skills Conference (2018)
Mathematics University Student Survey
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering faculty survey
Mechanical Engineering Statewide Articulation Transfer Curriculum
Media Advisories
Medical and Graduate Medical Education Programs
Message from director
Midwestern State University
Midwestern State University - Business
Midwestern State University - Mathematics
Minority Male Initiatives
MIS Employer Survey UNT
Mission Statement

Negotiated Rulemaking
New Certificate and Associate Degree Programs and Other Requests
New Certificate and Degree Programs
Nonresident Tuition
Nursing Innovation Grant Program (NIGP)
Nursing Links
Nursing Shortage Reduction Program

Off-Campus Ed Units
Office of External Relations
Online Institutional Resumes
Online Training for All Regents and Trustees
Optional Retirement Program (ORP) Information

P-16 Councils
P-16 Information Resource (TPEIR)
P-16 Professional Development
Perkins Data Resources
Perkins-Funded Leadership Projects
Post-Baccalaureate Programs
Previous Formula Advisory Committee Meetings
Primary Care Residency Program
Privacy and Security Policy
Programs of Study Advisory Committees
Project Applications
Proposed Rules
Public Universities and Health-Related Institutions

Recent Grads UNT
Regional College Readiness Special Advisors
Reports and Studies
Residency Determination
Resource Planning
RFOE Login

San Jacinto College student surveys
Site Error
Site Index
Site Map
Site Policies
Sources and Uses/Resrch. Expenditures
Space Projection Model
Space Usage Efficiency
Star Awards
Statewide Preceptorship Program
STEM Centers for Teacher Professional Learning
Student Housing Surveys
Student Loans
Student Representatives
Student Resources: School Closures
Study Abroad
SUE - Space Usage Efficiency 2010 and Earlier
SUE - Space Usage Efficiency Detail Reports

Teacher Quality Grants Program
TEF Courses
Test Conference June 2015
Test Registration
Texas Affordable Baccalaureate Expansion Grant Program
Texas College and Career Readiness Standards – ELAM Review and Revision Project
Texas Core Curriculum
Texas Course Redesign Project
Texas Higher Education Data
Texas Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (T-STEM) Challenge Scholarship Program
Texas Teacher Residency Program
Texas Tuning Project
The State of Higher Education in Texas
Topic Overviews
Tuition and Fee Data
Tuition Revenue Bonds
Tuning Texas
Tuning Texas for Students and Parents

Undergraduate Existing Program Performance Review
Uniform Admissions
University Business Student Survey
University Computer Information Systems Student Survey
University Management Information Systems Student Survey
University of North Texas MIS Survey
UNT Business Survey
Useful Links
UT-Pan American
UT-Permian Basin Mathematics Survey

Work-Study Student Mentorship
College for all Texans

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