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Mission, Vision, Philosophy, and Core Values


Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Role and Key Functions




Mission Statement


The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's mission is to work with the Legislature,

Governor, governing boards, higher education institutions and other entities to help

Texas meet the goals of the state's higher education plan, Closing the Gaps by 2015,

and thereby provide the people of Texas the widest access to higher education of the

highest quality in the most efficient manner.




The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board will promote access to quality higher

education across the state with the conviction that access without quality is mediocrity

and that quality without access is unacceptable. The Board will be open, ethical,

responsive, and committed to public service. The Board will approach its work with a

sense of purpose and responsibility to the people of Texas and is committed to the best

use of public monies. The Coordinating Board will engage in actions that add value to

Texas and to higher education. The agency will avoid efforts that do not add value or

that are duplicated by other entities.


The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board does not discriminate on the basis of race,

color, national origin, gender, religion, age, or disability in employment or the provision

of services.


Key Functions


The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board represents the highest authority in the

state in matters of public higher education and is charged with the duty to take an active

part in promoting education throughout the state by:


1.  Providing a statewide perspective to ensure the efficient and effective use of higher

education resources and to eliminate unnecessary duplication;


2.  Developing and evaluating progress toward a long-range master plan for higher

education and providing analysis and recommendations to link state spending for

higher education with the goals of the long-range master plan;


3.  Collecting and making accessible data on higher education in the state

and aggregating and analyzing that data to support policy recommendations;


4.  Making recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of transitions,

including between high school and postsecondary education, between institutions

of higher education for transfer purposes, and between postsecondary education

and the workforce; and


5.  Administering programs and trusteed funds for financial aid and other grants as

necessary to achieve the states long-range goals and as directed by the Legislature.


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