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Texas Affordable Baccalaureate Expansion Grant Program


In 2011, Governor Perry called for the creation of a $10,000 degree in his "State of the State" Address. This charge for affordable degree programs challenges Texas' higher education institutions to be innovative in the delivery of academic programs and reducing costs for students seeking post-secondary education.

Responding to this challenge, the Coordinating Board, Texas A&M University-Commerce (TAMU-C), and South Texas College (STC) collaborated on the development of the first TAB degrees. TAMU-C and STC developed general education competencies, assessments, and other resources with the intent that the content could be replicated and shared with other institutions. By adopting or modifying the general education learning resources developed by the first two TAB degree programs and utilizing more open educational resources, institutions participating in a statewide expansion of TAB degree programs can achieve significant cost savings.

The proposed expansion of TAB degree programs will support all four of the goals articulated in 60x30TX. A greater number of completions will increase the percentage of Texans holding degrees by 2030 and increase the number of graduates annually; by engaging business and industry partners in defining competencies, institutions will focus degrees on identified marketable skills; and by lowering cost and time to degree, TAB degree programs will decrease educational expenses for students, thereby decreasing their debt load.

The purpose of the TAB Expansion Grant Program is to increase the availability of affordable baccalaureate programs at additional Texas public and independent higher education institutions; grant funds will support the planning, development, and implementation processes. Institutions should be prepared to deliver instruction in lower-division courses no later than the fall 2017 semester and upper-division course instruction no later than the spring of 2018.

Award Summary

The TAB Expansion Grant Program is funded by multiple donors, through the College for All Texans Foundation (CFAT). The Grant Period is two years and the maximum award will not exceed $170,000.

Fall 2016 Application Information and Materials:

Reports and Forms

General Resources 

Frequently Asked Questions
For further information, contact: 

Jennifer Nailos
Program Director
Academic Quality and Workforce Division
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

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