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Texas Core Curriculum
The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (Coordinating Board) revised the Texas Core Curriculum (TCC) rules in October 2011, with implementation of the rules in the fall 2014 semester. The Coordinating Board based the revisions on the recommendations of the Undergraduate Education Advisory Committee (UEAC), which is comprised of faculty members from Texas public community colleges and universities.

Elements of the Texas Core Curriculum
The TCC is a 42 Semester Credit Hour (SCH) core curriculum for all undergraduate students in Texas. The elements of the TCC include a statement of purpose, six core objectives, and nine common component areas.

Students have flexibility to choose courses from an institution's core curriculum. However, that flexibility may be limited by the student's major. For example, most science majors have prescribed math and science requirements as part of their degree program requirements. Students should always consult with an academic advisor or counselor at their institution to determine what courses they should take.

Texas Core Curriculum List of Courses 
All public institution have an approved list of courses as part of their core curriculum of the TCC. Courses are approved on an annual basis for each academic year, starting with the fall semester. The list of courses, starting with the fall 2014 semester is available online at the Texas General Education Core Curriculum WebCenter.

The Texas Core Curriculum Submission Portal
Texas public higher education institutions may change or make revisions to their TCC once a year. The request for change must be made through the online portal available at the Core Curriculum Submission Portal.  

Instructions on how to make a revision to the TCC, including a timeline and points to consider for submitting supporting documentation, are posted on the page Core Curriculum Submission and Approval Process.

Assessment of the Texas Common Core
The purpose of the TCC assessment is to improve student attainment of the TCC core objectives. Please see the TCC Assessment Guide.

Texas Core Curriculum Application Guide

Law and Rules
Links to the TCC law and rules.

A brief history for the Texas Core Curriculum
The TCC was created by House Bill 2183, passed by the 70th Texas Legislature in 1987. Please see a brief history of the TCC. This page includes the document Core Curriculum: Assumptions and Defining Characteristics, which refers to the core curriculum prior to fall 2014 and includes Coordinating Board rules in effect prior to October 2011.

Texas Core Curriculum for years prior to fall 2014
Students that enrolled prior to fall 2014 may complete their degree program using a TCC from a prior year. Institutions' TCC prior to fall 2014 are available online at http://statecore.its.txstate.edu/. This website is hosted by Texas State University.


For further information, contact:

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Academic Quality and Workforce
P.O. Box 12788
Austin, TX 78711

Reinold R. Cornelius, PhD
Assistant Director


Melinda Valdez, EdD
Program Director


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