Student Academic Records Maintained by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Private Postsecondary Institution is Currently in Operation:

Students should request documents directly from the location where the student attends or attended. Institutions may put holds on academic records for reasons such as past due tuition payments or defaulted loans. Please consult the institution for its policies which may affect receipt of a transcript or other student records.

Private Postsecondary Institution is Closed:

Students seeking academic records from closed degree-granting institutions that were previously authorized by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) should review the list below to determine if THECB has copies of student records. If the list below indicates that THECB has received academic records from a closed school you attended, you may request a copy of your records by submitting the following form to THECB.  The form must be submitted online by clicking the “Submit” button at the end of the form. If you have questions concerning the form, contact information is at the top of the form. 


An academic record request may be rejected if:

Please note that THECB only administers and maintains the records as provided by the closed institution and does not have any secondary source beyond the academic records received. If no academic records are found for a student within the records maintained by THECB, THECB will provide a statement verifying no records were found.

There is no fee for a certified copy of a student’s own academic records, whether sent to the student or to another authorized entity, such as an academic institution or employer.  The fulfillment time is typically two business weeks.

Please be advised that any request to access student records or transcripts may require THECB staff to access and review confidential personal information. A student or former student gives consent and authorizes such use through the student’s request for academic record copies.

Students must be able to provide THECB staff sufficient information to determine that the academic records requested are associated with the requesting student and the student has the right to access such information. Information must be provided through completion of the required Student Academic Records Request form.

Private Postsecondary Institution is Closed, but Not on the List:

If a closed degree-granting institution is NOT listed below, students may contact THECB to determine if THECB has contact information for an entity holding the institution’s student academic records. Students should call 512-427-6201 or email to request information regarding the location of such student records. Not all closed institutions have provided updated information regarding student record locations. Students may need to contact another Texas state agency if the closed institution did not grant degrees.

Questions Concerning Federal Financial Aid:

Please be advised that if you have questions concerning federal student loans or other federal financial aid records, THECB does not have jurisdiction over these matters. For questions about federal financial aid please consult the US Department of Education website (

Closed degree-granting institutions for which THECB maintains records

(Updated September 2018)

The following list is compiled with the best information available to THECB.

Name Locations Years of Records 
ITT Technical Institute




Houston North

Houston West


San Antonio East

San Antonio West



Approximately 1992-2016
Westwood College

Houston South

Fort Worth


Approximately 2011-2016