Student Academic Record or Transcript Requests

Private Postsecondary Institution is Currently in Operation:

Students should request documents directly from the location where the student attends or attended. Institutions may put holds on academic records for reasons such as past due tuition payments or defaulted loans. Please consult the institution for its policies which may affect receipt of a transcript or other student records.

Private Postesecondary Institution is Closed:

Students may contact Channel Wesson at or 512.427.6289 regarding possible contact information for closed institution records.

Scope of Academic Records Available:

The Coordinating Board maintains a list of closed schools and sources for student academic records. Information is added to the list as received. While the Coordinating Board strives to maintain current information on as many closed institutions as possible, information is not available for all closed schools.

The Coordinating Board is developing a closed school academic records repository of last resort. The Board will maintain a permanent file of such records coming into its possession from an institution previously authorized under a Certificate of Authority or a Certificate of Authorization.

If records have been received from a closed institution, upon request and verification of identity, the Board will provide to a student either a copy of the student's academic record as received from the closed institution or the information contained in the academic record in a standard transcript format utilized by the Board.

The Coordinating Board may charge a nominal fee to cover the average expense of retrieval, reproduction and mailing of the student academic record.

A statement will accompany the academic record providing information regarding the date of closure, verification the information contained in the academic record is as received from the institution, and no alterations to the information contained in the academic record can be made.

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