Texas Affordable Baccalaureate (TAB) Program

The purpose of the TAB Program is to increase the availability of affordable baccalaureate programs at additional Texas public and independent higher education institutions. Funding supports the planning and development processes.

The Texas Higher Education Foundation is soliciting proposals from Texas postsecondary institutions to develop and implement new Texas Affordable Baccalaureate (TAB) programs. There is no deadline for Program Requests; however, funding is limited. Once the funding is awarded, this Funding Opportunity will be closed. Submissions will be reviewed on an on-going basis. Prospective applicants are welcome to contact TAB@thecb.state.tx.us for more information on the submission process.

The TAB is an innovative model and bold solution for many challenges facing higher education. First-generation, underprepared, low-income, and working adult students, all part of higher education’s “new normal,” need non-traditional and affordable postsecondary options. The TAB program is designed to deliver just that. Through a combination of competency-based and traditional courses, online and in-person instruction, and alternative low-cost tuition structures, TAB offers an accessible bachelor’s degree that can save students thousands of dollars and semesters of time.

Award Summary

The TAB Grant Program is funded by multiple donors, through the Texas Higher Education Foundation. The Grant Period is two years.

Reports and Forms

Inquiries should be directed to TAB@thecb.state.tx.us or Jennifer.Nailos@thecb.state.tx.us.