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Field of Study Advisory Committees

The Texas Education Code, Section 61.823, directs the Coordinating Board to develop field of study curricula (FOSCs) for various academic programs. Eleven Board-approved FOSCs were developed with the assistance of faculty advisory committees in the early 2000s. Nine of these FOSCs are still in place. The Board continues to establish advisory committees for development of new FOSCs.

Pursuant to House Bill 2628, enacted by the 84th Legislature, the Coordinating Board will periodically review each existing FOSC to ensure alignment with student interest and academic and industry needs. The Coordinating Board adopted rules at its January 22, 2015, meeting to establish FOSC advisory committees to review the nine existing FOSCs.

Charge: Each FOSC advisory committee is charged to identify, for its discipline, the block of courses that may be transferred to a general academic teaching institution, must be substituted for that institution's lower-division requirements for the degree program into which a student transfers, and for which the student must receive full academic credit toward the degree program for which the block of courses transferred.

Original Charge: 1997

Meeting Schedule: Individual committees meet as necessary to review or develop FOSCs. Meeting dates, agendas, and approved minutes are posted on each committee's webpage.

Current Status

Active FOS Advisory Committees:

Board-Approved Field of Study Curricula (FOSCs)

Planned FOS Advisory Committees:

  • Business 
  • Communications
  • Engineering Technology 

Comments or Further Information: To make comments on Field of Study activities or to request information, please email Dr. Garry Tomerlin at Garry.Tomerlin@THECB.state.tx.us.


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