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Tuning Oversight Council for Engineering and Science

Year Two of Tuning Texas with Lumina Foundation for Education is complete. The Tuning Oversight Council for Engineering and Science (TOCES) have tuned the disciplines of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Biology and Chemistry. They also have identified sets of lower-division courses that will enable students to be successful in upper-division courses in these disciplines. It is anticipated that a subcommittee of the 2012 TOCES will be formed and begin work in July on aligning those additional lower-division courses to be included in the Voluntary Statewide Transfer Compacts for Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biology, and Chemistry. This page will host information on the committee and their work, as well as materials and presentations from the meetings.

Tuning Oversight Council for Engineering and Science - 2011-12 

 You can use this link to access this page directly on future visits:


 Deliverables packages:

To view the deliverables packages for disciplines tuned in Year Two, please click here.

April 27, 2012


MOU and Transfer Compact - Engineering

MOU and Transfer Compact - Engineering and Science

Signatory Institutions as of 4-16-12

Courses Recommended for Tuning

Academic Course Guide Manual - Spring 2012

AM Audio


PM Audio

Virtual Meetings:

February 3, 2012 - Virtual Meeting of Chemistry Committee Virtual Meeting of Chemical Engineering Committee

January 27, 2012 - Virtual Meeting of Chemical Engineering

January 20, 2012 - Virtual Meeting of Chemical Engineering

The fourth meeting of the Tuning Oversight Council for Engineering and Science was held on Friday, January 6, 2012, and the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Austin. Materials from the meeting can be accessed here:


Welcome, General Comments, and Timeline:

Dr. Jim Nelson, Chair


Minutes from 9-16-2011 meeting


The Changing Relationship Between Two- and Four-Year Institutions

Dr. Martha Ellis, Associate Vice Chancellor for Community College Partnerships, The University of Texas System

PowerPoint presentation


Dr. Ellis made reference in her presentation to two publications which have been added here:

Rising Above the Gathering Storm

Rising Above the Gathering Storm Revisited: Rapidly Approaching Category 5

The Development of Effective Learning Outcomes

Dr. Sharon Blackman, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor, Dallas Community College System and Dr. Jane Dennis, Director, Academic Advising Service, Tarleton State University


PowerPoint presentation

Presentation Outline

Bloom's taxonomy

Afternoon wrap-up: Dr. Nelson


Survey Results to Date:

Recent Graduate Survey

Student/Employer Survey

Tuning Timeline

Scope of Work

Interim virtual meetings:

December 9 - Biology

November 28 - Biomedical Engineering 

November 18 - Chemistry

November 18 - Chemical Engineering 

October 28 - Chemistry

October 27 - Biomedical Engineering

October 21 - Biology 

The third meeting of the TOCES will be held on September 16, 2011 at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Austin. Meeting materials will be available below as they are finalized.


Minutes from June 24 meeting for Council approval

Welcome, General Comments, and Timeline:

Dr. James Nelson, Chair


Presentation: Methods for Necessary Course-level Assessment

Dr. LouAnn Berman, Assistant Vice President for Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness - The University of Texas at Tyler


State Needs and the Impact of Tuning 

Dr. Mary Smith


Engineering Articulation Fact Book

Evaluation form 

Resources from Flash Drives:

ACS Chemistry Standards

Bloom's Taxonomy

TOCES membership


Going Forward, Next Steps, and Closing Remarks:


Interim virtual meetings:

Biomedical Engineering - August 24 

Chemical Engineering - August 12

Biology - August 10 

Biology - July 14

Biomedical Engineering - July 20

Materials from previous meetings can be found here:

June 24, 2011 

 Meeting Logistics and Council Membership


Welcome and Opening Remarks



Meeting Evaluation


Leadership Biographies:

THECB staff:

Mary Smith

Kevin Lemoine

Renold Cornelius - Liaison for Biomedical Engineering

Duane Hiller - Liaison for Chemical Engineering

Suzanne Pickens - Liaison for Biology

Melinda Valdez-Ellis - Liaison for Chemistry

Council Leadership:

James Nelson - Council Chair

Linda Crow - Council Co-Chair


Academic Course Guide Manual - Presented by Dr. James Goeman of the THECB


Final Deliverables from Year I - Civil Engineering - Presented by Dr. Reinold Cornelius of the THECB


Templates for Tuning 2011 - Presented by Dr. Mary Smith of the THECB

Memorandum of Understanding for Engineering - Audio

Core competencies chart

Core competencies educational levels

Bloom's Taxonomy Key Competency Graph

Closing Remarks and Issues to be Resolved - Dr. James Nelson


Virtual meetings were held by each committee during the interim:

Biomedical Engineering - May 23, March 11

Chemical Engineering - May 13, April 29, March 25

Biology - April 15, March 25

Chemistry - May 19, April 29, March 25

The initial meeting of the TOCES was held on February 25, 2011, at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Austin. The materials from the meeting can be found below:

February 25, 2011

 Meeting Logistics and Council Membership


Agenda for Break-out sessions

Council and Committee Charges

Project Timeline


By Discipline-specific committee

By Last Name


LiveMeeting and Sharepoint Tutorial

Sample Discussion Questions for Breakout Sessions

Meeting Evaluation Form



Tuning Roadmap

Charges to Tuning Council

Tuning in Texas: A New Approach to Learning Outcomes - Mary Smith and Kevin Lemoine, THECB


Tuning Engineering and Science - James Nelson, UT-Tyler


Tuning Engineering Education for Civil Engineers - Reinold Cornelius, THECB


Lumina Tuning Presentation

Preparation for Breakout sessions audio

Afternoon session audio

Tuning Information

Learning Accountability from Bologna: A Higher Education Policy Primer

The Degree Qualifications Profile

Tuning Summary

Tuning Engineering Programs in the Context of ABET Accreditation

Sample of a Common Degree Framework

THECB Project with Lumina Foundation for Education

Survey Information

The Role of Surveys in Tuning

Guidelines for Securing Institutional IRB Approval for Survey Distribution

Cover Memos for Surveys:

Community College Students

University Students

Engineering Employers

Sample Student Survey instrument

Reference Materials

Engineer of 2020 (National Academy)

EAC/ABET Criteria

Bloom's Taxonomy

Body of Knowledge Reference Materials

Academic Course Guide Manual

Texas Administrative Code: Information on Academic Associate Degree and Certificate Programs

Rising Above the Gathering Storm Revisited

Course Alignment Deliverables

Sample Draft Deliverables from Tuning Committee for Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Transfer Compact

List of Participating Institutions

THECB Liaisons

Biomedical Engineering - Reinold Cornelius

Chemical Engineering - Duane Hiller

Biology - Suzanne Pickens

Chemistry - Melinda Valdez-Ellis


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