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Core Curriculum Assessment Guidelines

The current Core Curriculum policies and procedures will remain in effect until Fall 2014.

Purpose and Values 

The purpose of assessment is for institutions to discover, document and seek to improve student attainment of the six Core Objectives of the UEAC proposed General Education Core Curriculum. As such, the values for assessing the Core Objectives are:

  1. The Core Objectives form the foundation of the institution's General Education Core Curriculum.
  2. Institutions use assessment of the Core Objectives to improve student learning.
  3. Faculty participation is integral throughout the assessment cycle.
  4. Institutions use multiple measures for effective assessment, including at least one direct measure per Core Objective. Externally informed benchmarks are encouraged.
  5. Assessment practice is evolving.

NOTE: The selection of courses for inclusion in the core is a separate process based on the Objectives and Component Area Mapping.


Certain definitions are helpful in considering assessment -

  • Assessment cycle - The systematic collection, review and use of evidence for the purpose of improving student learning.
  • Direct measure - Students' demonstration of learning.
  • Indirect measure - Students' perceptions of their learning or other measures not derived directly from student work.
  • Externally informed benchmarks - Targets for student attainment set by and/or in collaboration with constituencies outside the institution. Examples include advisory boards, peer institutions and national norms.
Assessment Recommendations

Institutions will continue the assessment practices required by SACSCOC.  Institutions will assess the six Core Objectives using these practices and submit the report to the THECB every ten years. Accountability for assessment of the Core Objectives is at the institutional level. 

The review process will consist of two requirements and three options. 

For requirements:

  1. Institutions will electronically submit the Assessment Report of the Core Objectives to THECB every 10 years.
  2. Coordinating Board staff will review the report to confirm assessment of the six Core Objectives.

For options:

  1. Institutions are encouraged to voluntarily participate in a peer review of the assessment of the six Core Objectives.
  2. Institutions are encouraged to select peer reviewers.
  3. Peer reviewers provide feedback to the institution.
Report of Assessment to the THECB

I. Assessment of the Core Objectives

The assessment report of the Core Objectives will describe the assessment for each of the six Core Objectives:

  1. Assessment methods - Explanations of measures, methodology, frequency and timeline of assessment
  2. Criteria/Targets - Explanation of targets or benchmarks of Core Objective attainment
  3. Results - Evidence of attainment of the six Core Objectives
  4. Analysis - Interpretation of assessment information
  5. Actions and Follow-ups - Use of results for improving student learning

II. Review of the Assessment Process

For continuous improvement, the review of the assessment process will describe:

  1. the strengths and weaknesses of the assessment process; and
  2. possible changes that the institution may apply to the assessment process.
Resources & Conferences 

American Association of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U)


Hosting a conference with presentations regarding the core curriculum and would like it posted on this website? Please email Lucy Heston (lucy.heston@thecb.state.tx.us).



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