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Existing Program Performance Review - Review Process & Schedule
Note: The Existing Program Performance Review (EPPR) is in the draft stage. All information presented below is subject to change. No programs are being reviewed at this time. UPDATED JULY 2012.

Review Process 

At the undergraduate level, the THECB staff have determined that evaluating comparable quantitative measures will help define program efficiency and effectiveness. The review process will include an examination of data with emphasis on indicators of student success and program performance. The review process will involve verification that the identified measures meet or exceed the measures of the state and peer accountability groups for similar programs. THECB staff will evaluate each program's quantitative results and identify it as a High Performing Program (HPP), Satisfactorily Performing Program (SPP), or Underperforming Program (UPP). At this time, institutions will not be required to respond to the THECB based on the review results.

Quantitative Measures Definitions

All data are derived from CBM reports and federal databases. Institutions are not responsible for providing additional information.

Program Selection and Timeline

The data for all programs will be processed annually and posted on the THECB website. THECB staff will review selected programs and institutions on a rotating basis over a 10-year period. 

Career Technical Certificates, Applied Associate & Baccalaureate Programs:

THECB staff developed a year-by-year schedule of 2-digit Classification of Instruction Programs (CIP) code. All programs within the 2-digit CIP code will be evaluated at the 4-digit level.

Academic Associate Programs:

As many institutions' data are not subdivided at the programmatic level, all data for academic associate programs will be assessed as a single unit. THECB staff will develop a year-by-year schedule of which institutions' data will be reviewed.


Programs implemented at an institution within the last five years are exempt from staff review.

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