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Perkins-Funded Leadership Projects for 2011-2012
The Coordinating Board awarded 12 Perkins-funded Leadership Grants for Program Year 2010-2011. The projects were seen to be relevant to the State as a whole and capable of impacting/being replicated around the State upon completion. During the Fall 2010 and Spring 2011, the project administrators will share results with the Coordinating Board and peers in the field. The 12 Perkins Leadership Grants are: 
 Institution Leadership Project Project Amount

Amarillo College 

Partners for Persistence: Retaining Females in STEM Related Fields


Austin Community College

Texas Network for Teaching Excellence: Dual Credit Education


Dallas County Community College District


Del Mar College

Skill Standards-Based Curriculum Development Project 2011-2012$64,837

El Paso Community College District

TEXASgenuine CTE Strategic Plan$346,260
Lone Star College SystemTexas Career and Transition Initiative$125,940

Midland College

Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM) Leadership Project$190,681

Tarrant County College District

Career Pathways to Student Success$227,200

Trinity Valley Community College

Reducing Duplication in ADN & RN-to-BSN Curricula$120,694

Texas State Technical College - Waco

Detailed Occupational Skill & Learning Outcome Alignment$118,721
Texas State Technical College - WacoDeveloping Telecommunications Training for the Smart Grid$137,426













Amarillo College 

"Partners for Persistence: Retaining Females in STEM Related Fields:"

Project Description: "This project raises the awareness in Texas of the need for females, who represent more than 60 percent of the current population of students in community and technical colleges, to be employed in STEM-related careers. The project will focus on raising the awareness across the state that women are capable of STEM-related careers and continue to expand the strategic and best practices in improving female participation in STEM fields. The project will disseminate the information gathered on best practices that increase nontraditional student participation (5P1) and nontraditional gender completion (5P2) from the national project, STEM Equity Pipeline. The project will partner with the Governor's Commission for Women to raise awareness that women have opportunities in STEM related careers. Further, the project will continue the dissemination of these best practices from the national study and include the participation of four community colleges, which served as pilot sites during the past year's STEM Equity Pipeline study, to mentor at least one other community or technical college. The four pilot colleges will continue gender initiatives, plus the four mentored colleges will establish at least one partnership with a local independent school district. This initiative will provide alignment with secondary schools and will allow for sharing career guidance and academic resources. This Perkins Leadership project should result in better performance on the Perkins Basic Grant core indicators for all Texas community and technical colleges regarding nontraditional gender participation by increasing each college's Perkins administrator's and STEM faculty's awareness, knowledge and actions needed for the particular college."

Award Amount: $45,000

Project Director: Susie Wheeler, lswheeler@actx.edu

Austin Community College 

 "Texas Network for Teaching Excellence: Dual Credit, PD and Career Pathways"

Project Description: The Texas Network for Teaching Excllence (http://www.thetexasnetwork.org/) is a professional development learning website which provides more than 1,600 registered uses access to informational and training modules. The site receives about 16,000 hits per month from administrators, factuly, and staff of Texas more than 50 community college districts and nearly 100 campuses. The FY 2012 project is funded to provide:

1. Operation and maintainenance of a telecommunications network to include all community and technical colleges in Texas through maintaining an internet website.

2. Creation and delivery of three training/information programs; these programs will be "Curriculum Issues in Workplace Education," "Portfolion Use in CTE: Print and Electronic," and "New Core Curriculum Guidelines."

3. Creation and delivery of 40 new single-concept teaching tip videos.

4. Assistance in the producation and dissemination of "Texas Career and Transition Initiative" being developed by Lone Star College System.

ACC will partner with various educational entities across the state, including: Dallas County Community College District; Texas Leadership Alliance; Northeast Texas Community College, d.b.a. the Adjunct Academy; Foundation for Professional Excellence in the Community College; and North Texas Community College Consortium.

Award Amount: $97,008

Project Director: Theresa Mouchayleh, tstewart@austincc.edu

Dallas County Community College District 

"State of Texas Academic Resource Link (Starlink)"

Project Description: Established in 1989, Starlink (http://www.starlinktraining.org/) is the nation's oldest, video?based, higher education professional development network. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) established Starlink to increase faculty access to professional development activities. Now in its third decade of operation, Starlink provides higher education institutions throughout North America with a multi?purpose network that provides cutting edge training by the greatest educators available.  The FY 2012 project is funded to provide:

1. Operation and maintainence of a telecommunications network , which includes all the community and technical colleges in Texas. This includes electronic, face-to-face, print and telephone communication with members to service their needs, maintaining an internet website, operating and maintaining electronic equipment.

2. Creation and delivery of three training/information programs: "New core curriculum guidelines," "Curriculum Issues in Workplace Education," and "Portfolio Use in CTE: Print and Electronic."

3. Creation and delivery of forty new single-concept teaching tip videos.

4. Assistance, as requested on other leadership grants.

5. Completion and dissemination of the Continuing Education Administrator Training modules.

6. Assistance to  Lone Star College system in the production and statewide dissemination of "Texas Career & Transition Initiative.

Award Amount: $145,893

Project Director: Henry Hartman, hhartman@dcccd.edu      

Del Mar College

"Skill Standards-Based Curriculum Development Project 2011-2012"

Project Description: The project provides Texas community and technical colleges ssistance in developing skills standards-based curriculum. Skill standards are defined by subject matter experts and provide the specific knowledge requirements for workforce education programs. These requirements can serve as the indicator or basis for performance during assessment and evaluation. Payment to a participating institution is predicated upon the timely completion and submission of specific deliverables to the TSSB program administrator and TSSB technical staff for review. Project deliverables are to be completed in three phases and payments to institutions will be made by the SSBCD project's host institution (Del Mar College) upon certification of completion (with supporting documents) by the TSSB program administrator.

1. TSSB staff will evaluate and certify to the project director the completion of deliverables by applicants, e.g. skills matrix, syllabi, course outline, sample course materials, etc.

2. Participating institutions will submit to the SSBCD project director deliverable documentation for quarterly reporting, e.g. advisory board minutes, DACUM meeting minutes, etc. 

3. Project Recognition will be made to those institutions successfully completing all their stated deliverables required as by their proposal application.

Award Amount: $64,837

Project Director: Dr. Larry D. Lee, llee@delmar.edu        

El Paso Community College District 

"TEXASgenuine CTE Strategic Plan"

Project Description: The projct is supporting a statewide marketing effort promoting career and technical education. The project continues to roll out the marketing campaign to community colleges, continues to epxand efforts through social/digital media, and will ehance and maintain the TEXASgenuine website, and finalize the dissemination of marketing kits and resources and tools to partners, statewide conference presentations at events, and regional workshops and training.

The following deliverables are proposed:

1. The final 80 CTE program one minute videos will be developed by Interact, the marketing group that developed the initial 50 videos. Interact will be used to maintain consistency in cinematography. All programs developed will be placed on the TEXASgenuine website and will be available to all community and technical colleges for customization with their own logo at their institution's cost. The raw footage will be made available for use by the colleges.

2.  Up to seven hands-on regional workshops will be conducted by Interact, focused on TEXASgenuine website use, college landing page maintenance, and co-branding efforts utilizing the videos, raw footage, and other materials developed and placed on the resource link of the webpage.                                

3. There will be an expansion of the digital campaign started in FY 2010-11, throughout FY 2011-12. This campaign will be aimed at bringing students, parents, counselors and community to the TEXASgenuine website for more information about careers and finding institutions that offer programs in their fields of interest.

4. Project staff and advisory committee members will continue to provide presentations at statewide conferences and other regional conferences in order to widely disseminate the information and availability of the information to colleagues in colleges and ISD's across the State.

5. Additional partnerships will sought for this endeavor and include statewide marketing consortia, Regional Economic Development Associations, Regional Workforce Solutions, Regional Educational Service Centers, ISDs, and other State CTE focused educational entities.

All state community and technical colleges are partners in the TEXASgenuine campaign.

Award Amount: $346,290

Project Director: Elizabeth Steele, elizabeths@epcc.edu

Lone Star College System

"Texas Career and Transition Initiative"

Project Description: Lone Star College System proposes to collect, analyze, and disseminate data related to best practices of community colleges to identify and describe existing career and transition models to improve student career decision making. The project will collect, analyze, and disseminate inforamtion in an online repository. LSCS will compile best practices and evidence to support those practices and will make recommendations for activities and tools that institutions could implement. Providing this information through a central online resource will address the challenge.

The objectives of the proposed project include:

1. Identification and description of existing career and transition models among secondary and post-secondary institutions to improve student career decision-making and to enhance student access to technical education.

2. Identification and descriptions of best practices, including information and processes to implement career and transition services.

3. Provision of effective methods of coordinating and delivering careers services and use of shared databases across multiple levels of education.

4. Development, dissemination, and implement a plan for creating career and transition services across the state and provide a repository of online resources.

Award Amount: $125,940

Project Director: Sarah David, Sarah.Y.David@lonestar.edu

Midland College 

"Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM) Leadership Project"

Project Description: Midland College proposes to provide funds to support the following project efforts:

1. Provide three to five course review workshops organized according to AchieveTexas Career Clusters and State Programs of Study; support WECM database revisions; respond to online questions and comments via "WECM Comments."

2. Support State curriculum projects resulting in new career and technical education courses and initiatives for high-skill, high-wage, and high-demand occupations.

3. Inform Texas Education Agency of potential need for revision of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS);  provide professional development on the use of the WECM; and administer other WECM activities as deemed appropriate by the THECB and the WECM Leadership Committee for the 2011-2012 program year. This project also includes supporting the operation of the WECM Leadership Committee during the 2011-2012 program year.

4. Review more than 3,000 CTE/CE courses .

5. Provide an accessible and useful WECM course database that is fully updated by August 15, 2012.  

6.  Deliver five or more presentations to 130-150 professionals in CTE/CE.  

7. Provide ongoing access to accurate and current information regarding WECM.

Award Amount: $190,981

Project Director: Dawn Finley, dfinley@midland.edu

Tarrant County College District

"Career Pathways to Student Success"

Project Description: This project will offer the following:

1. Workshops which will bring secondary and postsecondary faculty together to complete the identification of the CCRS and develop or revise the Programs of Study associated with identified  career clusters within a segment of the energy industry.  The outcome from this priority will ease the transitions for students as they move from secondary to post-secondary and to ensure that students in Texas experience an aligned curriculum, with increased opportunities for articulated credit as developed in the career pathways. The second priority of this project will be to develop course standards and curriculum outlines for the courses developed in the career foundation core of Energy Career Cluster projects.  The national knowledge and skills identified in the National Career Cluster model will be vetted by Texas business and industry partners.  The skills developed by the Governors Skill Standards Board will also be incorporated into this priority.

2. Development of a curriculum that has been developed with input from business and industry. The priorities outlined in this pre-proposal will be further defined into achievable goals with measurable outcomes with the full proposal.  The implementation of a successful career cluster system requires alignment of all stakeholders- secondary institutions, post-secondary institutions (community colleges and universities) and perhaps most importantly, business and industry.

Award Amount: $227,200

Project Director: Garry Tomerlin, gtomerlin@tccd.edu

Trinity Valley Community College

"Reducing Duplication in ADN & RN-to-BSN Curricula"

Project Description: "The project deliverables are as follows:

1. Development of a set of cohesive courses for concept-based curriculum tack in ADN and RN to BSN curricula.

2. Development of a seamless articulation plan from RN to BSN with an emphasis on decreased repetition of nursing course credits and content.  The pathway for academic progression will build on competencies already achieved and decrease redundancy. A group of up to 12 interested ADN and BSN educators will work on this grant project, using current reports and trends to build on previous work. The committee will heavily explore best practices such as the Oregon Consortium Nursing Education (OCNE) model which has increased the percentage of ADN graduates continuing on to the bachelor's program to 40% and see what aspects can be modified to fit the realities of Texas. 

The goals and objectives of the project meet those in the Texas State Plan 2008 -2013 under the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 #5 Efforts to improve transition of sub baccalaureate career and technical education students into baccalaureate programs at institutions of higher education.  The plan also addresses Goal 2: Closing Gaps in Success by aiming to decrease curricular barriers to academic progression and increase the percentage of ADNs getting their BSN. The requirements of Public Law 109-270 are met by P(3) supporting initiatives to facilitate the transition of sub baccalaureate career and technical education students into baccalaureate degree programs by decreasing curricular barriers, and R(6) supporting partnerships among institutions of higher education. 

Award Amount: $120,694

Project Director: Helen Reid, reid@tvcc.edu

TSTC- Waco

"Detailed Occupational Skill & Learning Outcome Alignment"

Project Description:

1. The first phase of this project will involve a semantic analysis of select program and course learning outcomes. Learning outcomes will be translated into the Texas Workforce Commission Detailed Work Activity (DWA) common skills library. This analysis will include approved WECM course core outcomes and additional outcomes based on more detailed actual curriculum provided by faculty. Learning outcomes will be characterized by Blooms higher order/lower order thinking and data maps to guide coherence sequencing and credit articulation. This process will employ the newly created detailed work activity (DWA) database of over 806 Texas occupations developed for Texas by the SkillsNET Foundation with funds provided by the Texas Workforce Commission.

2. The second phase will involve a series of detailed occupational analysis using the updated DWA database that was validated from the data of more than 2,000 employers. This activity will result in new procedures and tools for job analysis and industry advisory procedures which subsequently will be made available to all Texas colleges, universities and public schools.

3. Gap "e-analysis" will be conducted comparing existing learning outcomes with industry skills. Outputs will include modifications to curricula and improved alignment of curricula with employer needs as well as clearer pathways from secondary through college and to in-demand occupations.

4. This project also will involve alignment of secondary CTE curriculum (TEKS) with selected postsecondary technical courses (WECM) through the shared competency framework. This will result in improved sequencing and pathway development from secondary to postsecondary and into careers.

Follow on work will include the development of a system to monitor regional job demand at a competency level in partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission.

Award Amount: $118,721

Project Director: Terry Conroy, terry.conroy@tstc.edu

TSTC- Waco

"Developing Telecommunications Training for the Smart Grid"

Project Description: The result will be a new, one-semester advanced technical certificate available to graduates from TSTC's Telecommunications AAS program (or any commensurate program) which will enable them to work safely on the communications components of high-voltage switching equipment.

A current TSTC telecommunications faculty member will be assigned full-time to the project for nine months as project director.

1. The project director will attend advanced training courses in smart grid telecommunications equipment repair and maintenance and would consult with an industry advisory committee or curriculum panel (with representatives from regional utility companies and co-ops) and establish the specific knowledge and skills necessary for work on the communications equipment associated with high-voltage applications.

2. The project director will then work with the instructional department leadership to establish what curriculum components should be integrated into existing courses, and what components should be in a new course to be offered as part of a new advanced technical certificate.

3. After new curriculum components are developed, application would be made in SP 2012 to the Coordinating Board for a new local-needs smart-grid telecommunications equipment course, and a pilot version of the course would be taught in the SU 2012 term by the faculty project director.  The course will focus on testing, diagnostics, and repair of communications equipment associated with high-voltage smart grid equipment.

4. After completion of the one-year curriculum development project, the TSTC Waco telecommunications department will survey of employers hiring TSTC telecommunications graduates to determine satisfaction with the scope and quality of training.

Award Amount: $137,426

Project Director: Donna Wishon, donna.wishon@tstc.edu

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