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Fiscal Year: 2018

1975  The University of Texas at Arlington  (75793)

Principal Investigator: Dereje Agonafer

Total Amount of Contract, Award, or Gift (Annual before 2011): $ 574,992

Exceeds $250,000 (Is it flagged?): Yes

Start and End Dates: 8/15/17 - 7/31/22

Restricted Research: YES

Academic Discipline: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Department, Center, School, or Institute: College of Engineering

Title of Contract, Award, or Gift: Phase II IUCRC University of Texas at Arlington: Center for Energy Smart Electronic Systems

Name of Granting or Contracting Agency/Entity: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Program Title: N/A
CFDA Linked: Engineering Grants


With the proliferation of automation and electronic devices throughout most major industries, the amount of data being produced and the need to manage that data continues to grow. The power trend for electronic systems, in general and server systems, in particular, also continues to grow at a significant rate, making energy optimization and thermal management a challenging task. The NSFI/UCRC for Energy-Smart Electronic systems was established in 2011 to address this challenge. The Center's Vision is the creation and operation of energy-optimized data centers and electronic systems at any specified performance level by smart allocation and distribution of IT load, smart integration of controlled on- demand cooling and smart elimination of energy waste and inefficiencies. The focus in Phase I has been to develop new energy-optimization and thermal management models and designs, as well as tools and algorithms enabling electronic data systems to operate more efficiently and securely. Phase II will expand on these methodologies to progress toward our vision of dynamic, selfsensing and self-regulating systems that optimize energy consumption in data centers. The Center brings together computer scientists and mechanical engineers in a synergistic multidisciplinary team to advance industrially relevant research in this area. The multi-institutional university leadership team, led by Bahgat Sammakia, Binghamton University includes: Kanad Ghose, Paul Chiarot, Timothy Miller, Binghamton University; Dereje Agonafer, University of Texas at Arlington; and Alfonso Ortega, Gerald Jones, Amy Fleischer and Aaron Wemhoff, Villanova University; and Yogendra Joshi, The Georgia Institute of Technology, participating as a collaborating partner. An international site

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