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Fiscal Year: 2018

1044  The University of Texas at Dallas  (74549)

Principal Investigator: Theodore J Price

Total Amount of Contract, Award, or Gift (Annual before 2011): $ 2,539,088

Exceeds $250,000 (Is it flagged?): Yes

Start and End Dates: 4/1/18 - 12/31/18

Restricted Research: YES

Academic Discipline: Behavioral And Brain Sciences

Department, Center, School, or Institute: BBS

Title of Contract, Award, or Gift: Sex-specific Regulation of Local Translation and Chronic Pain Mechanisms in Females

Name of Granting or Contracting Agency/Entity: Natl Institutes of Health

Program Title: N/A
CFDA Linked: Extramural Research Programs in the Neurosciences and Neurological Disorders


There is a critical gap in knowledge pertaining to how chronic pain is produced in females. Here we propose a conceptually novel mechanism for the transition from acute to chronic pain in females, which is based on sex-specific local translation in nociceptive synapses and its regulation by gonadal hormones and prolactin. Our findings will lead to a better mechanistic understanding of pain mechanisms in females with the potential to generate sex-based personalized treatment strategies to decrease pain and suffering in this population.

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