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Fiscal Year: 2013

794  University of North Texas  (20272)

Principal Investigator: Dixon Ph.D.,Richard Arthur

Total Amount of Contract, Award, or Gift (Annual before 2011): $ 466,592

Exceeds $250,000 (Is it flagged?): Yes

Start and End Dates: 6/1/13 <> 7/31/13

Restricted Research: YES

Academic Discipline: Biology

Department, Center, School, or Institute: College of Arts & Sciences

Title of Contract, Award, or Gift: Molecular Approaches to Improved Protein Utilization in Alfalfa

Name of Granting or Contracting Agency/Entity: Forage Genetics International

Program Title: none


For each set of transgenic lines, UNT will evaluate CT levels by reaction with dimethylaminocinnamaldehyde, and determine the size of the CTs by HPLC and phloroglucinolysis analysis. The latter will also tell us whether the CTs are indeed true polymers of epicatechin. In additin, profiles of CT monomers and oligomers will be determined by LC/MS/MS. UNT will use qRT -PCR and /or DNA microarray analysis to obtain transcript profiles from statistical replicates of each transgenic line.

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