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WGU Texas is a private, nonprofit, online university expanding access to quality, accredited, affordable higher education for Texas residents. Established by the State through a partnership with nationally recognized Western Governors University, WGU Texas offers more than 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in business, information technology, teacher education, and health professions including nursing. WGU Texas uses a competency-based approach to learning that allows working adults to potentially accelerate their time to degree completion. All programs offer flexible online study, state-of-the art e-learning resources, expert faculty, and individualized mentor-guided support.

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Transfer Information

Degree Completion Programs: These programs have flat-rate tuition of $2,890 per six month term, and a $145 e-resources fee for e-textbooks and learning resources. IT degrees include industry certifications. See each program’s webpage for details.
Average Tuition and Fees: These programs have flat-rate tuition of $2,890 per six month term, and a $145 e-resources fee for e-textbooks and learning resources. IT degrees include industry certifications. See each program’s webpage for details.
Associate Degree Required: Not required, but preferred. Associate degreed students accepted into WGU Texas can receive 5% tuition discounts (two terms) and opportunities for scholarships up to $2,000 ($500 per term/4 terms). See http://texas.wgu.edu/cc
Technical/ vocational Course Credit Accepted: Students with industry IT credentials that map into the B.S. IT degrees may receive credit based on an individual audit. Students may accelerate their time to completion by demonstrating mastery of the competencies by passing our assessments.
Credit For Experience: WGU Texas does not grant degrees based on previous life experience. Under the individualized guidance of a dedicated student mentor, students may proceed quickly through material they already know so they can focus on what they still need to learn.
Delivery Method: Online delivery requires access to computers and reliable internet connectivity as students work with full-time faculty members and a personal student mentor in rigorous coursework with extensive reading, writing and critical thinking.
Minimum Grade: WGU Texas transfers student grades on a course-by course basis provided transcripts show a letter grade of C or better in most programs. Some programs require a C+ or better to transfer.
Credits (Min/Max): Students with an associate-level degree in a related program from a Texas community college will likely clear most of the lower-division general education requirements for a BS in Business or Information Technology, averaging 62 transfer credits.
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Application Deadlines

January: 6 month term

December 1 prior

February: 6 month term

January 1

March: 6 month term

Feburary 1

April: 6 month term

March 1

May: 6 month term

April 1

June: 6 month term

May 1

July: 6 month term

June 1

August: 6 month term

July 1

September: 6 month term

August 1

October: 6 month term

September 1

November: 6 month term

October 1

December: 6 month term

November 1
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Application Requirements

Minimum GPA: WGU Texas requires students to pass a College Readiness Assessment and meet other criteria which may vary slightly by program. Program specific admission requirements can be accessed here: http://texas.wgu.edu/admissions/requirements
Official Transcripts: Official transcripts of all prior academic work at community colleges, colleges or universities must be sent from those institutions to WGU Texas. Relevant industry experience may be required in some programs. See the website for details.
SAT Scores: Standardized test scores are not required for consideration. All incoming students need to take and pass the WGU Texas College Readiness Assessment.
Letters of Recommendation: Letters of recommendation are not required for these programs. Students will need to interview by phone with an enrollment counselor.
Essay: An essay is not required as part of the application.
Application Fee: The application fee is $65.
Interview: An interview (phone) with an enrollment is required as part of the application process.
Other Requirements: Please visit us at http://www.wgu.edu/admissions/enrollment_checklist for additional requirements.
apply online: https://texas.wgu.edu/wgu/app/app_step0
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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Please access www.texas.wgu.edu/tuition_financial_aid/scholarships for scholarship details. Students will need to complete the FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov to be eligible to apply for federal aid and WGU Texas scholarships.