Designed for You

As a busy adult, you have a lot on your plate: family, work, social obligations, hobbies, bills to pay and other everyday things that can make returning to college seem out of reach. Grad TX degree completions programs are designed for people like you.

School on Your Schedule

To earn your bachelor's degree, you need a flexible program, an expert to advise you along the way, and the assurance that you can earn a degree on your schedule.

Success Stories

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Teneka Duke Don’t back away from it just because you don’t know all the
ins and outs. It’s a learning
process.image description
Read her story
image description
Michael Hanks Just because you don’t do well at one level doesn’t mean you should fear the next level.image description
Read his story
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Hilda Flores I didn’t have to start from the beginning. I was able to build on what I had to get my BAAS.image description
Read her story

Balancing Work, School, and Life

Going back can be hard. Check out these guidelines on how you can find balance and be successful in all areas of your life as you return to college.

Special Assistance for Military and Veterans

Special resources are available for veterans, military spouses, and eligible dependents. Find out what might be available for you as you earn your degree.