Sponsored by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Grad TX another for-profit university system?
  2. No. Grad TX is a program sponsored by the State of Texas to get more adults to complete their bachelor’s degrees. All of our universities are Texas universities with degree completion programs designed specifically for adult students.

  3. How were the Grad TX universities selected?
  4. Grad TX universities were selected based upon their understanding of the unique needs of returning adult students. Each of the Grad TX universities has a record of successfully working with students just like you.

  5. Will Grad TX ever add other universities?
  6. We plan on adding other Texas universities to the Grad TX program in the future as appropriate.

  7. There’s no Grad TX university close to me. What are my options?
  8. Several Grad TX universities offer online programs that will allow you to finish your degree without visiting a campus in person. If you prefer in-person classes, check out the College Match tool at College for All Texans to find a university near you that fits your needs.