About Grad TX

Grad TX is a program designed to help adults return to college and finish their bachelor’s degrees.

Adults returning to college face unique challenges. Balancing family, work, and school can be daunting. Returning to school after a break might seem overwhelming. Many people who want to return to school are unsure how they'd pay for it. And still others worry that if they returned to school, they'd have to start all over again.

Grad TX understands these concerns. Grad TX universities offer programs designed specifically for returning students to help them overcome these and other obstacles. If you want to return to college and finish your bachelor's degree, Grad TX can get you started.

Flexible Options for Your Bachelor’s Degree

If you already have a some college credits under your belt, returning to college to earn your bachelor’s degree is probably easier than you think. Unlike traditional undergraduate programs with rigid requirements to complete a bachelor’s degree, the flexible programs available through Grad TX take advantage of coursework you’ve already completed—even if that coursework spans many different disciplines. In some cases, your life and work experience can even be worth course credit.

Tailored Personal Assistance

Going back to college is easier with a personal academic adviser. All Grad TX universities have counselors who specialize in meeting the unique needs of returning students and can offer specific, tailored guidance, and can even determine how your work experience could count toward a bachelor’s degree. These counselors can help you choose a degree plan that takes the best advantage of your work history and college credits, helping you graduate faster and explore new opportunities sooner.

And they aren’t just there to help you get back into school. Once you’re enrolled, your advisers and teachers will help you every step of the way. Whether you need guidance choosing the right classes, determining your timeframe for graduation, or even need help staying motivated, your advisers and teachers are always there to help you succeed.

Financial Aid Specialists

Paying for college while still working or supporting your family is a challenge many returning students face. Each Grad TX school has financial aid specialists that are ready to help you find a way to pay for your college degree.

Participating Texas Universities.

Grad TX connects you with Texas universities that offer specialized programs with online, compressed, and regular course offerings for returning students:

A State of Texas Initiative

Grad TX is a new program from the State of Texas to encourage adults to return to college and finish their bachelor’s degrees. The participating universities are Texas universities with established reputations for high quality education and student service. When you choose to enroll with a Grad TX university, you can be sure you’re getting a great education at an affordable cost.