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Recent Program and Administrative Proposals

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Institution Program Name Degree CIP Code Respond By Staff Status
ASU Mechanical Engineering BS 14.1901.00 01/18/18 Jessica Acton Pending
Collin County Community College District Nursing BSN 51.3801.00 03/25/18 Donna Carlin Pending
Grayson College Nursing BSN 51.3801.00 05/02/18 Marissa Garza Pending
LU Management Information Systems/Enterprise Systems MS 11.0401.00 12/08/17 James Goeman Pending
Odessa College Automation BAAS 14.4201.00 01/17/18 Sheri Ranis Pending
Odessa College Leadership and Management BAAS 52.0213.00 01/14/18 Sheri Ranis Pending
SHSU Osteopathic Medicine OD 51.1901.00 09/23/17 James Goeman Pending
TAMU Environmental Engineering BS 14.1401.00 04/11/18 Melinda Valdez Pending
TTU Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies PHD 42.0101.00 09/03/17 Melinda Valdez Pending
TXST Applied Anthropology PHD 45.0201.00 08/27/17 Jennifer Nailos Pending
Tyler Junior College BAT in Healthcare Technology and Medical Systems BAT 51.0701.00 06/23/18 Garry Tomerlin Pending
UH Medicine MD 51.1201.00 04/11/18 Stacey Silverman Pending
UHCL Industrial Hygiene MSOSH 51.2206.00 06/28/18 Jessica Acton Pending
UNTHSC Medicine MD 51.1201.00 12/08/17 James Goeman Pending
UTHSCH Health Informatics DRHI 51.2706.00 09/24/17 Jessica Acton Pending
UTHSCH Nurse Practitioner DNP 51.3805.00 06/20/18 Jessica Acton Pending
UTRGV Statistics BS 27.0501.00 06/13/18 Andrew Lofters Pending
UTRGV Teaching and Learning EDS 13.0301.00 07/12/18 Melinda Valdez Pending
UTSMCD Applied Clinical Research PHD 51.1401.00 06/17/18 Melinda Valdez Pending
UTT Chemical Engineering BS 14.0701.00 06/23/18 Jennifer Nailos Pending
WTAMU Educational Leadership EDD 13.0401.00 10/21/17 Jennifer Nailos Pending
Alamo Community College District -- San Antonio College SOCIAL WORK AC 44.0701 04/21/18 Duane Hiller Pending
Alvin Community College DENTAL ASSISTING CE 51.0601 04/05/18 Duane Hiller APS
Amarillo College ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AS 03.0103 06/06/18 Duane Hiller Pending
Austin Community College ENTREPRENEURSHIP A 52.0701 04/06/18 Duane Hiller APS
Coastal Bend College AA/AS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AS 52.0201 05/26/18 Duane Hiller Pending
Coastal Bend College AAT EARLY CHILDHOOD AAT 13.1210 05/26/18 Duane Hiller Pending
Coastal Bend College AAT GENERAL STUDIES AAT 13.1206 05/26/18 Duane Hiller Pending
Coastal Bend College AAT SECONDARY EDUCATION AAT 13.1205 05/26/18 Duane Hiller Pending
College of the Mainland MASSAGE THERAPY CERTIFICATE C 51.3501 08/05/18 Duane Hiller Pending
Del Mar College CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT A 46.0412 03/03/18 Duane Hiller APS
Del Mar College MEDICAL ASSISTING C 51.0801 01/04/18 Duane Hiller APS
Galveston College LOGISTICS C 52.0203 07/18/18 Duane Hiller Pending
Lamar Institute of Technology CYBER SECURITY TECHNOLOGY AC 11.0501 06/30/18 Duane Hiller Pending
Lamar State College - Orange ORDINARY SEAMAN/BST C 49.0309 12/02/17 Duane Hiller APS
Midland College ENGINEERING FIELD OF STUDY AC 14.0101 03/04/18 Duane Hiller APS
Midland College HEALTH SCIENCE FOUNDATIONS CERTIFICATE C 51.0000 03/04/18 Duane Hiller APS
Midland College NURSING FIELD OF STUDY CERTIFICATE C 51.3801 03/04/18 Duane Hiller APS
North Central Texas College HORTICULTURE AAS A 01.0101 04/11/18 Duane Hiller APS
Northeast Texas Community College HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT A 51.0701 12/06/17 Duane Hiller APS
Northeast Texas Community College HEALTH STUDIES A 51.0000 12/06/17 Duane Hiller APS
Paris Junior College SURGICAL TECHNOLOGY AAS A 51.0909 05/09/18 Duane Hiller APS
South Plains College ASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE IN CULINARY ARTS A 12.0505 03/31/18 Duane Hiller Pending
South Texas College PERSONAL TRAINER CERTIFICATE C 31.0507 04/21/18 Duane Hiller APS
South Texas College PUBLIC SERVICES ASSISTANT CERTIFICATE C 44.0401 04/21/18 Duane Hiller APS
Southwest Texas Junior College PATIENT CARE ASSISTANT C 51.3902 12/29/17 Duane Hiller APS
Tarrant County College District -- Trinity River Campus MEDICAL ASSISTANT C 51.0801 01/10/18 Duane Hiller APS
Temple College AS HEALTH SCIENCES A 51.0000 03/31/18 Duane Hiller Pending
Temple College AS PRE-NURSING A 51.3801 03/31/18 Duane Hiller Pending
Trinity Valley Community College PHARMACY TECHNICIAN C 51.0805 06/11/18 Duane Hiller APS


Institution Request Respond By Assigned Staff Status
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