Proposal Tracking System

Selected New Program and Major Administrative Requests

Procedure for Comments: If you would like to support, protest, or otherwise comment on any new program or administrative requests, please do so by the "Submit Comment By" date. Send comments to with a copy to the Vice President for Academic Affairs of the proposing institution.

Comments can be mailed to:
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
P.O. Box 12788
Austin, Texas 78711

Programmatic and administrative proposals are listed separately below.

Assigned Staff: For information about the status of a pending request, you may contact the staff member assigned to that proposal.


Institution Program Name Degree CIP Code Submit Comment By Staff Status
TAMUSA Computer Science MS 11.0701.00 05/18/19 Kylah Torre Pending
TAMUSA Cyber Engineering Technology BS 15.1201.00 05/18/19 Kylah Torre Pending
PVAMU Clinical Adolescent Psychology MS 42.2807.00 05/18/19 Audra Patridge Pending
TAMUSA Water Resources Science and Technology BS 40.0605.00 05/18/19 Audra Patridge Pending
UTSA Multidisciplinary Studies BS 24.0102.00 05/16/19 Kylah Torre Pending
UTSA Applied Demography MS 45.0501.00 05/10/19 Audra Patridge Pending
SHSU Supply Chain Management BBA 52.0203.00 05/09/19 Audra Patridge Closed
UTEP Technical Writing and User Experience BA 23.1303.00 05/03/19 Audra Patridge Closed
UT Conduction MM 50.0906.00 05/03/19 Kylah Torre Closed
TAMUCC Industrial Engineering BS 14.3501.00 05/01/19 Kylah Torre Pending
TXST Public Health BS 51.2207.00 04/27/19 Audra Patridge Closed
TXST Health Sciences BS 51.0000.00 04/27/19 Audra Patridge Closed
TXST Public Health Education and Promotion MS 51.2207.00 04/27/19 Audra Patridge Closed
Texas Southmost College INDUSTRIAL MECHANICS A 47.0303 05/16/19 Duane Hiller Pending
Collin County Community College District VETERINARY TECHNOLOGY A 51.0808 05/05/19 Duane Hiller Pending
Collin County Community College District INSURANCE MANAGEMENT A 52.1701 05/05/19 Duane Hiller Pending


Institution Request Submit Comment By Assigned Staff Status
No Administrative Proposals within the last month