CIP Code: 46.0301  (Electrical and Power Transmission Installation/Installer, General)
Course Title: Electrical Power Distribution
Course Level: Advanced
Course Description: Design, operation, and technical details of modern power distribution systems including generating equipment, transmission lines, plant distribution, and protective devices. Includes calculations of fault current, system load analysis, rates, and power economics.
End-of-Course Outcomes: Explain major parts of utility systems; compare overhead systems versus underground systems; discuss mechnical design considerations to meet codes, standards, climate, and terrain relating to the utility systems; explain considerations for utility line; analyze energy econonics; explain how smart grid technologies and standards effect power distribution systems.
Lab Recommended

WECM Course(s)  
SCH Rubric Range: 64-96
ELPT 2339
CEU Rubric:
Course Reference(s):
ELPT 2039: Electrical Power Distribution
Year: 2011

WECM Appendix

CIP Rubric Number Course Name Semester
Credit Hrs
Cont Hrs
Cont Hrs
46.0301 ELPT 2339 Electrical Power Distribution 3 64 96