CIP Code: 46.0303  (Lineworker)
Course Title: Climbing Skills
Course Level: Introductory
Course Description: Theory and application of pole climbing. Includes safety, climbing techniques, tool inspection, poles inspection, personal protective equipment, and fall protection.
End-of-Course Outcomes: Identify hazards on and around poles; demonstrate required safety; and inspect and use personal protective equipment and climbing equipment. Inspect and test wood poles; demonstrate climbing technique.
Lab Recommended

WECM Course(s)  
SCH Rubric Range: 64-112
LNWK 1311
CEU Rubric:
Course Reference(s):
LNWK 1011: Climbing Skills
Year: 2012

WECM Appendix

CIP Rubric Number Course Name Semester
Credit Hrs
Cont Hrs
Cont Hrs
46.0303 LNWK 1311 Climbing Skills 3 64 112