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Rigging and Conveying Systems

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CIP Rubric Number Course Title Status Semester
Credit Hrs
Cont Hrs
Cont Hrs
15.1103 HYDR 1201 Rigging and Conveying Systems Active 2 48 80

Course Level:  Introductory

Course Description:  Introduction to directing and moving heavy objects, selecting the appropriate rigging equipment, in conjunction with the suitable hardware and lifting devices with an emphasis on inspection, care, and maintenance of rigging equipment.

End-of-Course Outcomes:  Estimate load weight; determine load center of gravity; maintain, inspect, select, and use rigging equipment; use standard hand signals for directing operation of cranes while observing safety precautions; rig and move loads horizontally and vertically in a safe manner ; and identify construction and maintenance of various types of conveyors used in material handling activities.

Lab Recommended 

CIP Code Description:  15.1103  (Hydraulics and Fluid Power Technology/ Technician)

Year:  2013


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