Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Sign in to CBPass to Update Inventory
The Inventory Access and Update application is now accessible through CBPASS. To create a CBPASS login, go to the CBPass page: https://www1.thecb.state.tx.us/CBPass/ and click on the "create one now" link. Once you have a CBPASS account, click on "Click to Request Access to another application" and request access to the "Workforce Education Course Manual" from the drop-down box. For assistance, contact duane.hiller@thecb.state.tx.us.

Electronic Submissions (Old System)
The old Electronic Submissions system is fully functional for submission of Special Topics and Local Need courses, program revisions, and new program submissions, and will remain so until the new system is fully operational. Both systems can be utilized interchangeably; however, there are some elements which will only be available in the new system.

Course and Program Inventory Browse
Access to college's technical course and program inventories.

Electronic Notification
Quickly view the status of inventory update requests.

Institutional Effectiveness Data
Data has been summarized for each institution, and is provided here as a resource for completing the institutional effectiveness section for new workforce education program applications.

Program Curriculum Outlines
Search and view all approved and pending program curriculum outlines (that have been submitted electronically) at community and technical colleges in Texas.

Comprehensive Higher Education Program Inventory Search
List of degrees and areas of instruction offered by community and technical colleges and universities in Texas.

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